Overcoming Eating Disorders with Hannah Boardman

Today’s episode is one that is very personal to me… Eating disorders. I struggled with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia for three years, and while I’m in a much better place, I relied on self-help and never sought out a therapist.

So in this episode, we found out what type of help I would’ve gotten if I saw a therapist, and what help others struggling with an eating disorder would get If they see a therapist.

Hannah Boardman is a cognitive hypnotherapist and a coach, she also struggled with an eating disorder for ten years. Unlike me, however, she was brave enough to seek help, and now she helps other women who struggle with eating disorders, anxiety, and the fear of not being good enough.

Listen to this episode to learn about how to overcome your eating disorder and boost your self confidence below

You can join Hannah’s free Facebook group for women looking to unleash themselves from struggles with food, fears, anxiety & not feeling good enough. Or You can book a free appointment with her via her Facebook page.

To learn more about Hannah’s journey, her 5 step process to help women overcome their struggles with food, their emotions, and the fear of not being good enough, visit her website.

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