How to Overcome Your Personal Roadblocks in Business


Author Mary Kathryn Johnson said: “Roadblocks, by definition, only block the road if you stop and let them. Action, action, action! Roadblocks don’t block you from going left, right, over, or under.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs find themselves feeling frustrated, unhappy, and at something of a loss at certain times, often with no easily definable cause. Not all businesses face the same challenges due to differences in knowledge, experience, and other characteristics of business owners.  Here is a list of some common roadblocks to small business success and how to overcome them.  

1. Physical and mental health

If you’re not feeling like yourself, the first question you should ask is whether you are as healthy as you could be. If you’ve spent the last five years working all hours, devoting all your time and energies to building a business but neglecting your own well-being, it’s quite likely you’ve become fatigued or even burnt out.  Looking after your health shouldn’t be something you fit in when you have the time, it should be a priority. If you’re feeling below par, the first step is to get yourself checked out and start any necessary treatment.

2. Resistance To Change

 People get very comfortable with the way things are. This as a result is a very common roadblock. But those that succeed in business are open to change and pay attention to where things are going.  People and businesses that are early adopters are usually thought of as industry leaders for a reason; they are very smart.  They understand the importance of trying out new things early in order to stay ahead of the competition. Be willing to incorporate new ideas. Early Adopters Win

3. Lack Of Motivation

It can take a long time to make a living as a small business owner, so finding a motivator other than money is important. This may be a roadblock if your passion for business is not defined.  Maybe you want the freedom of running your own business or the feeling of accomplishment that you get from running a successful business. Either way, starting your own business requires motivation to see something greater than money in the end.

4. Lack Of Planning

Lack of planning can kill a business before it gets anywhere.  Even a simple business plan can be useful as it at least gives you a road map. You want running your business be something you enjoy doing. A roadblock such as lack of planning can cause you to constantly be chasing deadlines, always out of time, and getting things done just in the nick of time. Get yourself a planner and put your business ahead.

On an episode of the For Her Empire Podcast, we have a conversation with Viviana Alvarado about personal roadblocks.

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