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Abbie Nwaocha, Founder – For Her Empire
Abbie Nwaocha Frictionless Sales Certification

Abbie Nwaocha: Founder Equipping Female Entrepreneurs with Operational Mastery

As the founder of For Her Empire, Abbie Nwaocha is on a mission to provide female entrepreneurs with the operational mastery to manifest their visions. Drawing from nearly a decade of cross-industry experience, she champions fusing operational excellence with profitability and purpose.

Backed by marketing credentials from the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, a Master’s in International Business from Strathmore University, and accolades for global strategy and entrepreneurial leadership – Abbie has become an authority on optimizing businesses for sustainable growth.

Through tailored consulting and implementation support, she elevates female founders from operational chaos into finely-tuned growth engines breathing life into their unique ambitions. Abbie cultivates a movement empowering unapologetically ambitious women to scale enterprises deeply rooted in their authentic selves.

Topics Abbie Nwaocha will be happy to speak on:

  1. Business Operations Automation
  2. Sales Force Automation
  3. Hiring a Fractional General Manager
  4. Streamlining Business Operations
  5. Operational Alignment with Core Values
  6. Optimizing Your Sales Strategy
  7. Founder’s Guide to Sustainable Growth

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