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Hello and welcome to the For Her Empire Podcast. We are here to help female entrepreneurs build their business empire.

The For Her Empire Podcast focuses on addressing the personal and business problems that female entrepreneurs face in their day-to-day lives. Each week we interview a female entrepreneur to learn from their experiences both good and bad, both in their personal lives and in their business.

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Episode 16: How to Overcome Speaking Anxiety with Megan Hamilton

Episode 15: How Women Can Change Careers And Start A Business In 100 Days with Irina Buse

Episode 14: How to Set Boundaries in Your Business with Linda Reed-Enever

Episode 13: How Women Can Overcome Impostor Syndrome With Jean Tien

Episode 12: How to Avoid Burnout And Overcome Impostor Syndrome with Tara Mollel

Episode 11: Trademark law with Attorney Nicole Schaefer

Episode 10: How to Create an Inclusive Fitness Community with Ali MacKeller

Episode 9: Mindset, Relationships, and Communication with Cece Heart

Episode 8: Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur with Courtney Rudolph

Episode 7: Mental Health as a Retired Army Vet With Annette Marie Whittenberger

Episode 6: How to Defeat Anxiety and Procrastination with Vikki Louise

Episode 5: From Recession to Success with Amanda Steadman

Episode 4: Living With Muscular Dystrophy with Keisha Greaves

Episode 3: Overcoming Infertility with Jamie Martin

Episode 2: Overcoming Eating Disorders & The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough with Hannah Boardman

Episode 1: Online Sales Strategies for B2B with Patience Atsango

Bonus Episode: Juggling Many Businesses at Once

Bonus Episode: Defeating Writers Block

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