The short answer to the question “What Is For Her Empire And How Will It Help Me?” Is For Her Empire is a support community that helps female entrepreneurs launch or grow their business in four steps.

As a small business owner, you are the core of your business. Your abilities – especially your strengths and weaknesses can make or break your business. Book a free 20 minutes laser-focused call to get clarity and direction on what you need to work on to meet your goals.

So what’s the long answer?

Our Founder, Abbie Nwaocha, explains in detail what For Her Empire is, what we do and how it helps female entrepreneurs and female business owners like you.

Abbie Nwaocha

What We Do

At For Her Empire, we do a lot of things to support our community. We’re your coach, accountability partner, teacher, confidant, personal cheerleader, and whatever role it takes to push you towards your goal. In summary, here’s how we help you.

  1. Provide female entrepreneurs and aspiring female business owners, with personalized resources structured around your strengths and weaknesses. These resources come in many forms, such as roadmaps, checklists, weekly tasks, workshops, courses, ebooks, templates, live Q&A’s, consultation, coaching, bootcamps, and many more.
  2. Motivate the crap out of you to actually sit your but down and use these resources.
  3. Keep you accountable, so you fulfill the promise you made to yourself and to your business
  4. And lastly offer objective peer feedback and peer review on your business activities so you can know whether you’re on the right track or not, and what aspect of your business you should really be focusing on.

Who We Are

For Her Empire is a community of female entrepreneurs and female business owners. We all come together to motivate each other, and push each other to create business assets and resources.

Running a business is a lot of work, and you can’t do it all alone, you need a support squad behind you, cheering you on, giving you insights based on their experiences, keeping you accountable and pushing you to achieve that milestone we KNOW you are capable of.

We are mothers, sisters, and friends:

  • Some of us work a 9-to-5 and understand the struggle of juggling your business and your job.
  • Some of us are stay-at-home mums and we understand the struggle of juggling your business and the kids and family.
  • Some of us have jumped all in on entrepreneurship without a backup plan and we can definitely relate to your fears and anxieties.
  • Some of us have tried many things from graphic design to virtual assisting, freelancing, selling on Etsy, and more to make ends meet, with little success. We can relate to that as well.

You’re not alone, we are a community tailor-made to not just help you, but to push you to be what you’ve always dreamed of.

Visit our Frequently asked questions page for answers to questions asked by female entrepreneurs and business owners in our community.

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