Abbie Nwaocha is a marketing coach for new female entrepreneurs who want to build marketing campaigns that generate a consistent income of $5k per month.

Abbie Nwaocha- Your new marketing coach.

Hello Empress, choosing to start your own business is a HUGE DEAL! And the fact that you actually took action instead of just dreaming about it is a big milestone.

Especially since running a business has its ups and downs that can be incredibly rewarding but also frustrating sometimes.

I don’t want you to give up when things get tough, I don’t want to see another female entrepreneur who gave up on her dreams.

I know it takes a lot to create a successful business so we’re here to help you throughout each step of the journey.

Who is For Her Empire For?

For Her Empire is for female entrepreneurs in the startup phase of their business. This typically means female entrepreneurs just about to launch their business or female entrepreneurs in the first 3 years of their business.

No matter whether you’re working a full-time job with limited time to spend on a new business, or you’re a stay at home mom wanting to use your extra time to make some money on the side, or you’ve already launched your business and you’re thinking “Now What? – I’ve got you covered.

I’m here to help you set up marketing and sales funnels, and help you launch marketing campaigns that’ll generate a consistent income of at least $5k

About Your Coach

Abbie Nwaocha is the founder of For Her Empire. She is an educator, coach, consultant, and uncompromising supporter of female-owned businesses.

She started For Her Empire to help new female entrepreneurs generate consistent income and gain confidence in their businesses.

Abbie is very high-energy and enthusiastic even at 3 am, she got her first job simply by walking into the company and asking for it. She is funny, bold, and confident and wants to see other women who are just as bold and confident in themselves and in their business ideas.

She’s a marketing coach for new female entrepreneurs who want to build marketing systems that generates a consistent income of at least $5k per month.

She helps female entrepreneurs understand their ideal clients, the message that these clients want to hear from you, flesh out your primary offering, and set up funnels and processes to bring in clients on autopilot… IN 12 WEEKS.

Abbie is a certified Professional Digital marketer (Level 6), certified by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, as well as a certified marketing and sales expert, certified by Hubspot, Google, Shaw Academy among others.

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