Using your Passion to Fuel your Business

Finding your why

Far too often, companies communicate their business purpose to their customers and employees from the outside in first talking about their what, touching on their how, and usually ignoring their why of the business. And in the process, they leave everyone feeling totally uninspired.

Instead, try flipping that around by thinking, acting, and communicating from the inside out. That’s when true magic happens.

In practical terms, having a “why” is vital for everyone in a company, from the CEO to the intern. If we understand why we do what we do, we can decide what to do next and when to do it. And in many cases, we can do so autonomously, knowing that we’re working towards a common cause we all believe in.

I’ve seen the negative effects of losing sight of your “why” in small, medium, and large organizations. When executives are unable to stand for something greater and communicate it to their teams, the effects are devastating.

Passion in Business is contagious

When your enthusiasm is palpable, people want a ticket on your happy train. The key to harnessing that passion is understanding your “why.” Why are you passionate about Crossfit? Is it because it helped you lose 30 lbs, get off all your medications, and have a new lease on life?

That’s your “why,” and that’s the story you need to share with your customers. You deserve a life you love, so get going and dream on.

Here are ideas to keep your entrepreneurial flame burning:

1. Fuel your passion daily.

The top question I get from experienced small business owners is “How do I get my passion back?” Like any flame, passion must be cared for and managed to ensure it stays lit.

Every day, before you do anything, remind yourself why you started your business. This is important for you to stay motivated and engaged, and it is important for your business’s potential.

2. Fall in love with a problem.

By falling in love with the problem, we were able to shift our focus when our solution wasn’t working. Many businesses fail because the entrepreneur falls in love with their favorite solution. Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure your passion is for solving the problem, not for your solution.

3. Don’t get too busy you forget the fun part of your business

More than often, entrepreneurs are the ones running the business. In the efforts to remain afloat, they then channel all their focus to the growth of the business and in turn lose the fire and fun they once had for the business. Delegate as much as you can and never forget to have fun doing business.

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