Online Sales Strategies for B2B with Patience Atsango

In this episode of For Her Empire Podcast Patience Atsango – Founder of Digitech Brands talks about online sales strategies for B2B.

Here are some of the things we covered:

  • How to use LinkedIn for prospecting
  • How to connecting with leads
  • How to move the conversation from LinkedIn or any networking platform to email or a call
  • How to email your leads without coming across as a persistent or clingy creep
  • How to optimize your emails to boost your opens and the number of booked calls.

Listen to this episode below to learn more online sales strategies for B2B

Or if you’re a visual person, you can watch the interview on YouTube below.

To connect with Patience or to learn more about Digitech Brands visit her website.

Here’s a list of all For Her Podcast Episodes, we guarantee that there’s an episode that matches the problem you’re facing right now.

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