How To Fail & Accept Your Failures Properly

It seems that failure is more visible than success. Or, at the very least, that’s how we see it. Every time we have an unconventional idea, we worry about it, try to avoid it, and question ourselves. However, the simple truth is that no great success has ever been achieved without some level of failure. It could be a colossal flop.

Today, let’s talk about something we rarely want to think about, nor can we gracefully accept – failure.

The Fear Of Failure

We are all full of amazing ideas, but despite fantasizing of how amazing it would be if this idea of ours come into fruition, and the wealth that would come with it, we still hesitate to put in the hours, and resources required. 

We are afraid we’ll fail on our first attempts, and because we are afraid of failure we procrastinate and come up with excuses that do not seem like excuses even to ourselves.

How To Accept Failure

To quote Irina Buse’s words from my latest podcast interview with her (Links below).
“Let’s say you have a baby that’s learning how to walk, the baby will fall many times before it finally learns how to take its first steps, but will you ever blame the baby for not being able to work properly after it’s first attempts? No.
When the baby takes that first step and inevitably falls, all you celebrate is not the fall but the first step, you do not see the failure in it.
Now think about it and relate this to your effort of starting a new business or switching careers. If you do not expect the baby to succeed the first time, why do you expert yourself to succeed in your first few tries?”

How To Accept Failure

We are educated to penalize and judge ourselves for every failure, even when it’s not rational or realistic to think the same way. We must allow and accept failure because without it we cannot be successful.

Without falling a few times the baby will not learn how to walk, without failing a few times your cookies will not come out fo the oven perfect, and without failing a few times you will not learn how to start and grow that business properly.

How To Win

The truth is that we don’t know how to win, when we fail an exam or a test, we cry and feel miserable for days and weeks; the shame and guilt overwhelm you.
But when we pass an exam or test? yeah, that’s the default, it’s normal, it’s what you’re supposed to do.
We know how to cry, and feel miserable after every failure no matter how small, but we rarely know how to celebrate every small win.
Using Irina’s example, celebrate every time your muffins come out of the oven right, because the next time they come out burnt, you are going to feel miserable and blame yourself. 
We need this mentality when we start and manage our businesses. Accept your failures gracefully because its part of the process, then celebrate every small win.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”  – Jack Canfield

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