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Hello Empress,

Let’s explain what a For Her Empire founding member is, and what you get as a founding member of our community.

FHE is an online monthly subscription membership community for female entrepreneurs yet to launch their business and those in their first three years of business.

Membership Benefits

As a paid member of our community, you get access to:

  1. Monthly masterclass taught by industry experts
  2. Member roundtable/panel: A virtual meeting/conference where specific members of our community get to answer questions from other members
  3. Small but personalized accountability groups to motivate each other and push each other to achieve your set out weekly goals. All members of each accountability group are accessed and handpicked based on a variety of factors to make sure you’re paired with the right people.
  4. Quarterly Content creation challenges
  5. Monthly Content creation workshops
  6. Gallery of content creation guides, templates, and planners.
  7. A private Facebook group of women just like you, who are ready to support you, and need your support in turn
  8. Monthly live Q&A’s with FHE founder – Abbie Nwaocha

Founding Member Benefits

However, Founding Members are special members whose opinions and feedback are used to build and reshape our community.

As explained in our FAQ Page, we’re yet to build our membership portal. Building the perfect membership community is expensive, but most importantly we want to get it right. We’re currently using a mixture of Email + Zoom + Invite-only Private Facebook Group to deliver everything we listed above to our members.

This is not an ideal or a sustainable solution, however, we cannot go with our gut feelings and simply build a membership portal without actually consulting the women we are building it for. This is where our founding members come in to play.

So as a founding member we will use your feedback and suggestions to build and shape up the member area, membership content, and the community.

We will use your input to know what features and content to add and what we should remove.

Become A Founding Member Today

In return you are grandfathered in at the lowest possible rate $20 forever. This price will never increase throughout your subscription with FHE. This means you’ll be paying half of the launch price, which is $40, and your subscription will never increase even in future price increases.

Free Weekly Planner

Free Weekly Planner

Download our free printable and fillable PDF weekly planner to help you plan your week in advance.

Use this planner to outline your weekly goals, plan your daily tasks, and to compare your planned vs actual tasks.

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