Collaborate With Us

At For Her Empire, we’re all about collaborating, supporting, and cheerleading other female entrepreneurs and female business owners.

If any of that sounds like something you would be interested in, we’d like to invite you:

  1. To submit a guest post on our website
  2. For an interview on our podcast to tell us about your journey, or to address a specific pain point women in your industry struggle with.

Let’s do quick breakdown of how this works.

Guest Posting on For Her Empire

Some ground rules before we explain how to submit a guest post on our website:

  1. Your guest post is not a sales copy, the focus is on cheerleading and supporting female entrepreneurs, or explaining how they can fix or solve a specific issue they are struggling with. This can be in relation to their marketing, copy, sales, business strategy, time management, self-care, etc.
  2. No Affiliate links in your blog posts will be accepted. A link to your opt-in, Facebook group, specific blog posts, or website, is fine. You cannot pitch to someone without first building a relationship. Please respect us and the female entrepreneurs in our community.
  3. You have one link, use it wisely! (This does not include your sources)

Do not write the blog post yet, instead fill the contact form Here, and tell us:

  1. The topic your post will be on
  2. The key takeaways from the blog post
  3. Estimated word count (If it’s too long it can be broken into a series)
  4. What you’ll be linking to (For example, your blog post, freebie, website, etc.)
  5. When you will be able to deliver the blog post if your pitch is accepted.

We will respond in 5 working days MAX, with an acceptance or a rejection. If rejected we will tell you why.

A rejected blog post idea can be refined and pitched again, also being rejected on a blog post does not mean you cannot pitch for a different blog post idea.

Feature in For Her Empire Podcast

We’ve just launched our podcast and we’d love to interview you!

As with guest posting, if you have a topic you are passionate and knowledgeable about, and there is a specific struggle or pain point that you see women struggling with and you want to help. Please send us a message specifying what topic + pain points you’d like to address in the interview.

Usually we’ll be onboard with it and will need a week to do some research and send you some questions. We hate generic interviews with zero personality and effort put into the questions.

You can also send us some questions you’ve been asked by your clients, questions you think are important and are to be asked.

No need to send us your answers. We’d like the interview to be as natural as possible, and for the conversation to flow freely without sounding scripted. So we’ll learn the answers as we record.

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