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Content creation is the backbone of marketing, it’s the backbone of online visibility, and growing your audience. Sadly content creation is often frustrating and unsustainable. We know we need to create content for our business but we are:

  1. Unsure of what to create
  2. Inconsistent in our content creation
  3. Frustrated that we need to do this constantly
  4. Overwhelmed by the other aspects of our business that we need to focus on, hence neglecting content creation
  5. Struggling to create time to create content because of other commitments in our daily lives.

Last week I had a live Interview on Facebook and YouTube with Angie from Clutch Businesses, and we talked about how we’ve all to a degree struggled with creating marketing content either for our business or for our clients.

She told us that every one of Clutch’s clients struggles with their social media presence. They either don’t have one but know they should or they create posts in fits and starts so they aren’t building the trust and relationships with their customer base they could be.

It takes too much time and very different creative energy than running their business to develop consistent content and outsourcing it strips their authentic voice.

Who else can relate to this?

Luckily, we addressed this problem and found a solution. Watch our Interview below.

Or listen to the podcast on Apple Podcast.

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