How Effective Is Your Social Media Marketing?

Many new entrepreneurs spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best social media marketing strategy. What is the right thing to post to get engagement and growth? Understanding what your ideal client wants to see can help identify specific topics.

But social media marketing is about building relationships with potential clients. Here is a strategy that I have found helpful:

Monday – welcome to the new week – post a tip or hack that your ideal client would be able to use immediately

Tuesday – ask a question/poll –  “What are your 2 biggest questions about….?” or “What do you think about….?”

Wednesday – share something personal about yourself – people will buy from people they feel they know

Thursday – share a video or do a live event or share a podcast where you are the guest – people connect with faces

Friday – share an inspirational quote, book recommendation or something that you think will directly help your ideal client.

The following week you can post a tip that focuses on the answers to the poll.

Once you have a strategy for your content there are some other tools that will make your content more consistent.


One of the biggest problems for many entrepreneurs is the time it takes to create content daily. Batching can help. Batching is a process where you do a specific activity all at once, instead of a little bit each day. Personally, I spend time the last week of the month creating all of my social media content for the next month. This allows me to not only save time but create content that is more cohesive because I remember what I just created. Schedule time on your calendar to create content on a regular rhythm.


Once the content is created the use of automated scheduling will allow you to be consistent in showing up online, even if something happens in your life that would have prevented you from posting that day. (sick child, vacation, etc.)  There are many different software options available to schedule posts on different platforms. Some platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook have automation options on the platform itself. 

Review Monthly

The final step to improving your social media marketing is to review what you have done each month. Look at what posts got the most interaction. This could be the number of likes, but comments are better. Remember you want to build a relationship and it is easier to start a conversation when someone posts a comment than when they just hit the like button. Do more of the types of posts that get comments and eliminate the ones that don’t seem to resonate. Over time you will discover what content your ideal client wants. This may change over time so it is important to review monthly to allow you to pivot as needed.

Social media marketing is a big topic and there are a lot of ways to utilize the many platforms available. If you find one strategy isn’t working, try something else or even switch to a new platform.

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Dawn Marcotte is the ‘kindergarten’ teacher for online entrepreneurs. She focuses on helping women learn the fundamental skills they will need to build a successful business. Dawn brings her experience from 20+ years in the corporate world and 10+ years as a freelance writer into the online industry, helping women create business processes that are repeatable and reliable.

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