Email Automation: What Next After Delivering A Freebie?

Let’s talk about Email Automation. Using a lead magnet (Your freebie/Opt-in asset) to grow your list goes without saying but after delivering your lead magnet how do you keep the conversation going?

Most importantly how can you follow up with them and build a relationship with them in a sustainable way that gives you time to focus on other aspects of your email marketing strategy?

Email Automation

Email automation is a good way to create a sequence of emails that send automatically based on a schedule so your lovely subscriber still hears from you after getting your lovely freebie. You’ll have to set up the sequence in advance, and your email marketing software will not magically fill your email with an exciting and relevant copy.

Use marketing automation to create a mini-automated email series, to schedule 2-3 more emails to them.

Depending on what your lead magnet is, your automated email series could look like this:

  • 1 day After: An email asking them to implement what they’ve learned in your lead magnet. Or an email asking them if they’ve implemented what was in the lead magnet. The call to action could be to reply with whether they have implemented what they’ve learned, and if they haven’t what is holding them back?
  • 2-3 days After: An email asking what they need help with to implement what was covered in the lead magnet, or what progress they’ve made so far. Stress that you are always available to help if they need help with this.
  • 4-7 days After: An email about another resource of yours that is related to your freebie and you KNOW would add value to them.

It could be a free or paid resource. For example, it could be a link to schedule a free call, link to a blog post of yours you think would help, a link to any of your paid resources that’s in line with why they joined your list in the first place.

From the example above, we now have 3 follow up emails that would help keep the communication going with your subscriber after they’ve downloaded or gotten your freebie, and you’re also slowly building a relationship with them.

One that’s based not on just helping them but pushing them to make progress with whatever they were struggling with before your freebie came into their life.

Having such a sequence would help engage with your audience and keep your list fresh. You can use Mailchimp, Mailerlite, MooSend, SendinBlue, or ConvertKit for this. There are a lot of email marketing software with marketing automation features.


  1. Use email automation to create an email sequence that sends on a specific schedule after a new subscriber joins your mailing list via your lovely freebie
  2. It is easy to download a freebie, there are lots of helpful info online, stand out by adding a touch of accountability to make sure they’re implementing the solution to their problem as taught via your freebie.
  3. Keep the conversation going and focus on building a relationship with them

PS: Comment below with what you use for your email automation and what your sequence looks like? Your reply could help your fellow entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to engage with their subscribers. Help your fellow sister!

Happy Creating!


Abbie Nwaocha


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