Free 20 Minutes Session

Book a free 20 minutes session with For Her Empire’s founder – Abbie Nwaocha.

This free session will double as both a laser-focused mini-coaching session and a discovery call to figure out which of For Her Empire’s solutions would be the best option for you, in terms of finances and value-add.

This session is perfect for female entrepreneurs who struggle with creating content for your business. Sometimes we struggle with creating content for our business because:

  1. We don’t have enough time to spend on content creation. This might because you’re juggling the kids, family, your 9-5, or other commitments.
  2. You are overwhelmed and unsure of what to create, and what you should start with, and how to start
  3. You can create content but you struggle with consistency, and weeks and months go by and you’re yet to create any marketing content
  4. You don’t have the design skills to create the type of content you need to put out.

In this coaching call, we will address what exactly the problem is, possible solutions, and an action plan to put the solution to practice.

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Free Weekly Planner

Free Weekly Planner

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Use this planner to outline your weekly goals, plan your daily tasks, and to compare your planned vs actual tasks.

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