Hello lovely Female entrepreneurs and business owners, here is our slowly growing list of frequently asked questions about For Her Empire and all that we do to support the female entrepreneurs in our community.

If you have any questions that are not on this list, please visit our Contact page, select “Others” and ask us your question. We will respond as soon as possible as it comes directly to our inbox.

Do you really offer free coaching calls with no sales pitches?

YES. Sometimes you just want advice without any strings attached. I’ve been in a position where I just want to learn something real quick, or need an answer to a question but I’m not in a position to actually buy anything.

At the same time I know time and knowledge are valuable and are things worth paying for, so this is the workaround. A short laser-focused coaching call to help you with ZERO sales, and if you’d like to join any of our paid options then we’ll schedule another call just for that.

I know I need to write blog post but I get overwhelmed when I sit down to write

You’re most likely getting overwhelmed because of one of these:

1. You did not have a clear plan for the blog post. This means you have an idea for the blog post but you’ve not fleshed it out to break down into bullet points what you’ll cover in the blog posts. This doesn’t need to be in-depth, you can even google it when you’re ready to write, but you should have a clear idea of the blog post is really about.

2. You’ve planned the blog post but when you start writing another “better” idea pops into your head and your current blog post idea suddenly seems subpar.

In this case, you have to remember that a simple blog post that is written and ready to be published is better than the perfect in-depth blog post that only exists in your head. Create a list of possible blog post topics and start wit the easiest one.

One you can write and edit before doubts and procrastination kick in. Work on that first, and when a “better idea” pops into your head include the topic in your list of possible blog posts and continue working on your current post. When you’re done go back to your list, go through all the ideas and choose the simplest thing there. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve tried many things to make some money from freelancing on Upwork and Fiverr, to selling on Society6, to selling Canva Templates, transcribing, and being a virtual assistant but nothing is working what do I do?

Okay, real talk. We all started out that way, We’ve all juggled a lot of things to make ends meet. That said, no only is that an unsustainable business model, it’s also a quick way to put in a lot of effort with little results.

It is easier to bring in say 4 clients as a Virtual assistant a month putting all your effort into this one thing, compared to spreading yourself thin across five different businesses each with a different type of customer.

Commit to one thing for a year, If you can’t then it’ll be hard for you to run a business. Businesses require commitments especially when you’re just starting out and you don’t have everything together just yet.

If you can’t stick to one thing for a year then you’ll just end up having different businesses that aren’t really doing anything other than just being there.

What is the difference between FHE’s Coaching and Intensive Bootcamp.

The best way to know the difference is by reading about what is included in the 1-on-1 Coaching session and Intensive Bootcamp.

Why is your founder membership monthly subscription cheap?

For Her Empire’s founders member monthly subscription is $20 which is admittedly very cheap compared to our Coaching and Bootcamp package which costs $2500 and $1500 respectively.

This is actually on purpose, for two reasons:

1. We’re yet to build our membership portal, and building the perfect membership community is expensive but most importantly we want to get it right. So as a founding member you get all the features our future membership portal will have NOW, but we will use your feedback and suggestions to build and shape up the member area, membership content, and the community.

In return you are grandfathered in at the lowest possible rate $20 forever. This price will never increase throughout your subscription with FHE. This means you’ll be paying half of the launch price, which is $40, and your subscription will never increase even in future price increases.

2. The Bootcamp and Coaching sessions are perfect for those who want to take action immediately and are willing to be pushed by me, their peers, and accountability partners to get their business tasks done.

They are both very personalized and hands-on. While the founding member option lets you go at your own pace even with an accountability partner.

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